Small Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh

Small Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh

Small Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh

The price of a small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh is 12500 Taka. And the price of small oxygen cylinders varies from company to company. For example, the price of Medical Linda Oxygen Cylinder is 26500 Taka, Islam Oxygen is 12000 rupees and China Oxygen Cylinder is 12500 Taka.

The demand for medical Small Oxygen cylinders has reached a record high due to the continuous increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Bangladesh. The industry that manufactures medical Small Oxygen Cylinder, which is already around 3,050 tons per day in the last six months. Production has increased by 2,000 tons, now waking up to meet the growing demand. Even ramp-up production, however, is not helping to prevent any shortages And some districts are starting to feel the shortage of Small Oxygen Cylinder.Last week, Rajshahi, Pabna and Chittagong all experienced a shortage of medical Small Oxygen Cylinders, resulting in the death of 19 Covid patients.As oxygen therapy has become critical in the country’s fight against coronavirus, Thipint explains what a ‘medical Small Oxygen Cylinder‘ is, how it is made and used in the treatment of Covid-19.

What is a medical small oxygen cylinder?

Collecting oxygen in a cylinder is not as easy as it sounds. According to industry experts, the natural air around us carries about 21 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen, 1 percent argon, and other gases such as neon and xenon.
To collect pure oxygen, a special technique is set up to separate oxygen from the atmosphere, which leads to dissociation and diffusion of atmospheric air.Once oxygen is collected, it is tested and packed into different grades. These grades were then divided into several categories such as ldalai oxygen, aerobic respiratory oxygen, research grade oxygen and medical oxygen.

What is the use of small medical oxygen cylinder?

A small medical oxygen cylinder is one that is used in hospital treatment and is considered equivalent to a drug or pharmaceutical product. According to BOC Health Care, a UK medical gas supplier, chronic oxygen-resistant pulmonary disease (COPD), cyanosis, shock, Bleeding, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma or cardiac and respiratory arrest are used to restore tissue oxygen tension by improving oxygen availability in severe conditions. ”

During the Covid-19, the need for small medical oxygen cylinder was increased. Covid-19, Bangalore-based hospital chain According to Narayan Health, the lungs are among the primary victims.Infected and in severe cases cause death due to acute respiratory infection syndrome (ARDS) and pneumonia.

Covid exacerbates the lack of oxygen in the body due to its effect on the lungs, so patients can immediately keep their vital functions active,Oxygen is transferred to therapy or a ventilator is fitted or oxygen is supplied through an small medical oxygen cylinder. Oxygen covid acts as a life saver in patients.

How many small medical oxygen cylinder are needed for Kovid patient in Bangladesh?

Dr. GIMS, a senior resident of the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Rohtak. According to Kamana Kakkar, Treating patients with Covid-19, a single patient with high flow nasal conjunctivitis (HFNC) consumes more than 86,000 liters of oxygen per day.

“It’s definitely a lot of oxygen but it saves lives,” Kakkar told Thrippint. “Suppose there is a patient in HFNC who has 100 in 60 liters per minute Percent oxygen is required. So, it could be 3,600 liters of oxygen needed every hour. ”

He highlighted, however, that if 100 people were infected with covid, 90 would not need an small medical oxygen cylinder.“Only 10 need small medical oxygen cylinder . One or two in 10 may need the help of HFNCs or ventilators.
If the number of cases increases by 1 lakh per day, the supply load of small medical oxygen cylinder will increase in a balanced manner, ”he said.

  1. Is the price of small oxygen cylinder higher in Bangladesh? The price of small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh is never high. The price of a small medical oxygen cylinder is equal to the purchasing power of man. As an example of this we can say that these small medical oxygen cylinders have been bought by a lot of people.
  2. What should be the price of a small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh? A small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh should price between Taka 12,000 and Taka 26,000.
  3. Who pays the price of small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh? The market in Bangladesh determines the price of small oxygen cylinders. If the demand for goods is high in the market, then the price of goods is also high.
  4. In which district is the price of small oxygen cylinder higher in Bangladesh? In Bangladesh, the price of small oxygen cylinder is higher in Dhaka district.
  5. The price of small oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh can not be reduced? The price of small oxygen cylinders can be reduced in Bangladesh. If the government of our country intervenes in this market then it can be controlled.