Oxygen Cylinder


Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Cylinder is an important medical products for covid-19 patient in the world. If you are searching Google for “the best covid-19 patient medicine in the world” you won’t come across astrazeneca or bioNtech.

The top result: the black and white medical oxygen cylinder.

Why? Because in a statement last Friday, the World Health Organization told The New York Times that the “oxygen cylinder” is an important product for corona patients.

Due to the current situation of Kovid-19 epidemic, the demand for medical oxygen cylinder in the country has been increasing.Medical Oxygen Cylinder is a very important medical product for us. Medical oxygen helps save our lives. Portable medical oxygen cylinders help save the life of any patient suffering from asthma.

However, Oxygen cylinder are one of the most requested and rare things in this country at the moment. Many patients with coronary heart disease now need to be given artificial oxygen for shortness of breath. Many people are now searching for oxygen cylinder to save their dying loved ones. Taking the cylinder home or to the hospital.

Since the demand and use of oxygen cylinder will be an inevitable part of our lives for many more days,So there are some dangers to using, storing and transporting oxygen cylinders, and some precautions to avoid.Just as a medical oxygen cylinder is life-giving, so too can a medical oxygen cylinder be life-threatening. The main component of any fire is the oxygen in the air. In places where there is a supply of medical oxygen cylinders or any other form of oxygen, special care has to be taken to avoid fire accidents.This is because of the ‘oxygen-rich environment’ or ‘oxygen-enriched atmosphere’,That is, where the amount of oxygen is higher than in the normal environment,
There is a high risk of fire accidents and if the accident happens, it can take a very serious shape.

Items that may not be combustible in a normal environment may participate in the combustion process in an oxygen-rich environment. Incidents that are not sufficient to cause a fire in a normal environment, in the presence of excess oxygen, small incidents (small sparks, smoking, extinguished cigarettes, friction on metal-metal, the presence of any heat, etc.) can trigger a catastrophic fire.In an oxygen-rich environment, the temperature of the flame is higher, the rate of heat release from the fire (heat release rate) is higher and the fire spreads faster than normal.

For these reasons, it is almost impossible to put out a fire in a place where there is excess oxygen.There are many such instances of horrific fire accidents in places where there is a supply of ICU or oxygen in hospitals in different parts of the world, including the recent accident in Bangladesh. Therefore, oxygen is used in such places of medical institutions, where there are critically ill patients, it is very important to have proper arrangements for firefighting and fire fighting.

Another feature of the oxygen cylinder is that it stores oxygen at very high pressures (100-150 times higher than the air pressure in our normal environment).Therefore, due to any push, injury or any other physical damage to the cylinder, the presence of sunlight or any other heat, not placing the cylinder properly, not following the correct rules when opening and closing the valve of the cylinder, etc., it can explode. It can bring terrible consequences.Therefore, it is important to be very careful in the use, storage and transportation of oxygen cylinders and to follow certain rules. Such as:

  1. Place the stand or cut tightly from the cylinder during use.
  2. Ensure that there is no heat source near the cylinder.
  3. Where there is an oxygen cylinder, be careful not to make even the smallest spark (electric spark, cigarette spark, metal-friction spark, any kind of welding work, etc.).
  4. Do not spray aerosols, paints or the like while using oxygen.
  5. There are good ventilation systems in such places Keep the oxygen cylinder, because in that case the concentration of oxygen in the air in the confined space increases the chances of creating an oxygen-rich environment.
  6. In order to take care while transporting the oxygen cylinderIn no way hurt or push, or roll, direct sunlight so as not to fall into the cylinder too long, etc.
  7. After all, there are specific rules for using the oxygen cylinder (opening / closing the valve, controlling the regulator knob, checking the position of the handle, etc.), knowing them, being trained and then using the cylinder.
  8. Provide oxygen to the patient as advised by the physician.

The need for oxygen to save the lives of loved ones dying in this situation of corona disease is skyrocketing in the country at the moment.That life-giving oxygen cylinder should not be the cause of terrible accidents and deaths due to our carelessness and ignorance. From the authorities of the medical institution to the suppliers of the cylinders, the transporters and the users at the individual level, the utmost caution is most desirable in this regard.

What is oxygen?

Oxygen is a chemical element, its symbol is O and its atomic number is 8.The word amlajan is derived from two Greek words.In the eighteenth century, the scientist Antoine Lavoisier named the acid. Because then it was thought that all acids contain acid, which was wrong.Oxygen valence is usually 2. This element usually forms compounds with other elements by covalent or ionic bonds. Examples of some of the most common elements that form acidic water are: water (H2O), sand (SiO2, silica) and iron oxide (Fe2O3). Bipolar acid is one of the two main components of air.
This element is produced during the photosynthesis process of plants and it is an essential element for the respiration of all organisms (plants and animals).

History of the discovery of oxygen.

Before the discovery of amlajan, chemists were most hesitant about two things.One is whether combustion of a substance occurs when it pulls something out of the air and what people inhale with their breath.At that time it was thought that all combustible materials contain a substance called phloxiston.It was another of the four basic elements that the Greeks thought of. A combustible substance contains a total of five substances.During combustion this phloxiston is more or less released from the combustible material.

But there was a great deal of controversy over this idea.In 183, Robert Boyle concluded that during the incineration of lead and antimony, a very fine igneous substance rushed towards the metal and added to it, increasing the weight of the metal.Eighty years later, however, Lomonosov writes, Boyle’s idea was wrong. According to him, air takes part during combustion and its weight increases as air particles attach to the metal.In the eighteenth century, the science of gas was greatly improved. In 184, scientist P.

In his research paper, Bayen discusses in detail the reasons for the increase in metal mass during incineration.He said that a strange type of substance that is expandable and heavier than ordinary air is attached to metal during incineration. Bain obtained this gas by heating the mercury-containing compound.Conversely, the color of mercury in the reaction of that gaseous substance with metallic mercury turned red. Unfortunately, Bain could no longer do research on this. Little did he know that he had actually worked with Amaljan.And the substance that turned red was actually mercury oxide.

In the same year, 184, the chemist Joseph Priestley began experimenting with a compound.hortly before this, he observed that in the presence of green trees, the closed air (which does not help in breathing) is converted into normal air which helps in the breathing of the organism.This discovery is known as a landmark discovery for both chemistry and biology. Priestley was the first to realize that plants abandon acid.At the same time, he observed that sorrel gas (nitrogen oxide, saltpeter gas) reacts with iron powder to form an air that helps with combustion but does not help with respiration.

This air was based on the nitrous oxide phloxistine theory which he named dephlogisticated saltpeter gas. Now let’s come to the test of 184.On August 1 of the same year, Priestley took red mercury oxide in a sealed container and concentrated the sun’s rays on it with the help of a large lens.The compound breaks down to produce bright metallic mercury and a gas. This gas was actually acid. Several years later, the gas was named Amlajan, which was recognized as the third element.Unlike nitrogen, this element could not be prepared from air. Rather it is prepared from solids. Priestley could only say that this new gas is a component of air. But it was not possible for him to say anything more.He also named it deflosted air, following the flowlogic theory.

After the discovery, Priestley traveled to Paris and spoke in detail to other French scientists, including Lavoisier. This part is very important.Because Lavoisier was able to grasp the meaning of this discovery more than Priestel. Priestley once thought his discovery was a complex one.But in the 18th century, inspired by Lavoisier’s ideas, he began to see it as an element. As such, the main contributors to the discovery of amlajan were Priestley and Bayenne.The name of another scientist named C.

Shile can be added to them. In 182, Shelley wrote a book, Chemical Treatise About Air and Fire.But due to the publisher’s fault, the book was published in 185. The description of oxygen in this book was more perfect than the description given by Priestle or Bayenne.But the publisher could not propose his name as the inventor of oxygen due to the late release. Because Priestel’s discovery was published in 184.The rock produced amlajan through the dissociation of inorganic compounds.

What is oxygen cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is an oxygen storage vessel, which is either held struggling in gas cylinders, or as LOX during a cryogenic storage cylinder.oxygen cylinder are wont to store gas for:

medical breathing at medical facilities and reception breathing at altitude in aviation, either during a decompression emergency, or constantly (as in unpressurized aircraft) oxygen care kits oxygen therapy gas blending, for creating diving breathing mixes like nitrox, trimix and heliox.open-circuit scuba sets – mainly used for accelerated decompression in technical diving.some sorts of diving rebreather: oxygen rebreathers and fully loop rebreathers.
use in climbing, “Bottled oxygen” refers to oxygen cylinder for mountaineering.industrial processes, including the manufacture of steel and monel.oxyacetylene welding equipment, glass lampworking torches, and a few gas cutting torches.use as liquid rocket propellants for rocket engines.athletes, specifically on American football sidelines, to expedite recovery after exertion.

Breathing oxygen is added from the garage tank to customers through use of the subsequent methods: oxygen mask, nasal cannula, complete face diving mask, diving helmet, call for valve, oxygen rebreather, constructed in respiratory system (BIBS), oxygen tent, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Contrary to famous perception scuba divers very hardly ever convey oxygen cylinder. The considerable majority of divers breathe air or nitrox saved in a diving cylinder. A small minority breathe trimix, heliox or different special gases. Some of those can also additionally convey natural oxygen for extended decompression or as a issue of a rebreather.

Some shallow divers, specifically naval divers, use oxygen rebreathers or have performed so historically. Oxygen is hardly ever held at pressures better than 2 hundred bars (3,000 psi), because of the dangers of hearthplace induced through excessive temperatures due to adiabatic heating while the fueloline adjustments stress while shifting from one vessel to another. Medical use liquid oxygen airgas tanks are normally 350 psi (24 bar).[citation needed] All system entering touch with excessive stress oxygen ought to be “oxygen clean” and “oxygen compatible”, to lessen the hazard of hearthplace.

“Oxygen clean” way the elimination of any substance that might act as a supply of ignition. “Oxygen compatible” way that inner additives ought to now no longer burn easily or degrade without problems in a excessive stress oxygen environment. In a few international locations there are prison and coverage necessities and regulations at the use, garage and shipping of natural oxygen. Oxygen cylinder are commonly saved in well-ventilated locations, a ways from ability reassets of hearthplace and concentrations of people.

How important is an oxygen cylinder for corona patients?

The price of oxygen cylinders has skyrocketed in Bangladesh since the rise of corona virus infection. The price of a cylinder that used to be available at taka 12,000 at one time has gone up to Taka 35,000.As a result, the cost of supplying oxygen has also increased.When the first and second wave of coronavirus hit Bangladesh, many did not find a place in the hospital.But I had to spend at home in severe pain with shortness of breath.

News of the oxygen crisis in India has spread to Bangladesh as the number of coronavirus patients has increased. Because some oxygen comes to Bangladesh from the neighboring country, which has stopped coming now.However, Bangladeshi officials have assured that the country is producing enough oxygen to handle the situation so far.However, they also reminded that if the situation exceeds the level, it will be difficult to handle it with this oxygen.

Part of those infected with the new coronavirus develop shortness of breath or decreased oxygen levels in the body. If the patient is not given oxygen artificially, the situation deteriorates quickly.That situation has now appeared in New Delhi, India. Patients are dying there due to lack of oxygen, which is spreading concern all over the world.What is the current demand for medical oxygen cylinders in the country?

Relevant officials of the health department say that the demand for oxygen in the hospitals increased in the beginning of April but now it has decreased.Farid Hossain Miah, director (hospitals and clinics) of the health department, told bdnews24.com that the maximum demand for daily oxygen stood at 150 to 160 tonnes in the second wave of infection. The number of patients has come down a bit and now the hospitals are taking 140 to 150 tons of oxygen.

Talking to the concerned people, it is known that the country’s hospitals have a demand of 100-120 tons of oxygen in normal times. This demand is met by the production of the country.Linde Bangladesh supplies 90 tons and Spectra Oxygen Limited supplies 20-30 tons of oxygen to government hospitals. Islam Oxygen Limited supplies private hospitals. A few more organizations provide some amount of oxygen.

In the second wave of coronavirus infection, the number of patients identified in Bangladesh as well as in India began to increase rapidly in early April. The record of identifying more than 6,000 patients a day was also set at that time.However, after the government gave a lockdown, the number of patients identified daily came down to three thousand.The number of Kovid-19 patients is more in the hospitals of Dhaka. And the hospital officials say that the demand for oxygen, which was there from the end of March to mid-April, has now decreased a bit as the number of patients has decreased.

Director of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital Khalilur Rahman told bdnews24.com, “The number of patients admitted has decreased. That’s a good sign. So far there has been no crisis of oxygen. ”Mugda General Hospital now has 160 to 180 empty beds, said its director. Asim Kumar Nath told bdnews24.com: “The demand for oxygen was high till the second week of April.The number of our patients has decreased a lot in the last one week. As a result, the demand for oxygen has decreased. Now we are getting as much oxygen as we need. It is going on with the current production. ”

Medical oxygen cylinders are not coming from India, what is the impact?

Medical oxygen cylinder comes to Bangladesh regularly from India. Medical oxygen cylinder imports from India through the Benapole land port increased on April 13 amid an increase in infections in Bangladesh. By the time imports stopped on April 21, four companies had imported about 500 metric tons of liquid Medical oxygen through the port.Due to the worrisome situation in India, it is uncertain when oxygen will be imported again. However, the supply of Medical oxygen cylinder does not seem to be affected by the reduction in the number of patients in the country.

However, Linde Bangladesh, the country’s largest Medical oxygen producer, had to cut off the supply of  Medical oxygen cylinder to factories due to the suspension of imports from India.Saika Majed, head of the company’s human resources department, told that as the demand for Medical oxygen  increased by 40 per cent in the last six to seven weeks, the entire 90 tonnes produced daily had to be delivered to public and private hospitals.”The industry is safari, but there is nothing to do. Priority before medical, ”he said.Saying that the current demand is going to be met, Saika Majed said, “What is being produced now is going away.”Mustain Billah, chief executive officer of Islam Oxygen Limited, who is supplying about 30 tonnes of medical oxygen to hospitals, said the demand had dropped and was now being met.

Mustain Billah, chief executive officer of Islam Oxygen Limited, who is supplying about 30 tonnes of medical oxygen to hospitals, said the demand had dropped and was now being met.He told us, “We are going to meet the demand with the production that we have now. We are giving about 30 tons of medical oxygen to the hospitals. We have a capacity of 40 tons. ”Islam Oxygen has been importing medical oxygen from India for almost 10 years. This is the first time their import has stopped. They themselves produce about 30-32 tons in the country. They also supply some oxygen to the industry, but now they are only providing medical services as imports were stopped during the epidemic.

What is the risk of medical oxygen cylinder crisis?

Now, even if the demand for medical oxygen cylinders is reduced, if the situation is like the beginning of April again, then there will be a crisis, everyone concerned says.

What is the status of oxygen in Bangladesh?

News of the medical oxygen cylinder crisis in India has spread to Bangladesh as the number of coronavirus patients has increased. Because some oxygen comes to Bangladesh from the neighboring country, which has stopped coming now.However, Bangladeshi officials have assured that medical oxygen is being produced in the country to handle the situation so far.However, they also reminded that if the situation goes beyond normal, it will be difficult to handle it with this medical oxygen.Part of those infected with the new coronavirus develop shortness of breath or decreased oxygen levels in the body. If the patient is not given artificial oxygen artificially, the situation deteriorates quickly.That is the situation in New Delhi, India. Patients are dying there without access to medical oxygen, which is a cause for concern around the world.