CPAP Machine


CPAP Machine:

CPAP Machine

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What is a CPAP Machine?

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. The machines help people with sleep apnea breathe more easily and regularly every night while they are sleeping. A CPAP machine increases the air pressure in your throat to prevent your airway from collapsing when you inhale.

It also decreases snoring (which will help your partner snooze better at night, too!). The machine has a filter and a small tank of water, which essentially works as a humidifier. There is a tube that connects the unit to a mask that you place over your face while you sleep, and a chin strap keeps it in place.

CPAP machine working:

Upper respiratory obstruction due to excessive relaxation of muscles when a person is sleeping. A CPAP machine ensures that the airway is kept open by continuous air flowing through it at constant pressure.

It helps any OSA patient to breathe normally throughout the night and sleep without interruption. A CPAP machine has a mask that is attached to a hosepipe, which in turn is attached to a small machine that pumps air into the patient’s airway. Machines Price Dhaka Bangladesh BD, Than we are selling, Philips, Resmed, china in Bangladesh, Oxygen Concentrator.

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