Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh to government hospitals are under pressure because the demand for life-sustaining gas has doubled in recent weeks, which presents new challenges in the fight against the second wave of coronavirus infections. The supplier has ceased operations of the medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh and put all its production into hospitals that treat Covid-19 patients. Since the second wave is much more important than the first wave, more and more patients in Bangladesh need oxygen cylinders because the highly infectious virus fed by the new strain is seriously infecting the lungs and causing many serious respiratory problems, according to the hospital.

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source. …In Bangladesh, an uninterrupted Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh is extremely important in saving the lives of severe coronavirus patients. According to them, they breathe and need oxygen through a large-flow nasal cannula. According to health authorities, approximately 100 tons of oxygen are needed every day to ensure uninterrupted supply of state hospitals. 90% of the supply comes from the multinational company Linde Bangladesh Ltd, and the rest comes from Islamic Oxygen Co., Ltd. and Spectra Oxygen Co., Ltd. Linde Bangladesh spokesperson Saika Mazed told the Daily Star that the amount of oxygen in Bangladesh’s hospitals has almost doubled. recent.

To meet this demand,

We are now focusing more on oxygen production rather than industrial oxygen. He said that in Bangladesh, they are Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh to all government hospitals and some of the largest private hospitals in Bangladesh, which require an uninterrupted supply of oxygen in the intensive care unit (ICU).When asked if they are facing a shortage, he said: “In a sense, we have a shortage…” “We have two oxygen plants in Narayanganj and Chattogram, which produce 90 tons of oxygen per day. Industrial oxygen demand 60:40. Industrial oxygen demand has not decreased, but medical oxygen demand has risen to 80%, so the ratio is now 80:20. Saika added: “Therefore, we prioritize oxygen production by reducing industrial oxygen production, Bangladesh Is a Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh.

“Linde Bangladesh is a supplier of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. The company has an oxygen plant in India. The company also imports and transfers oxygen from India through tankers. He told Saika Mazed: “In addition to our total In addition to production, we are also trying to obtain 20% oxygen from India. “Recently, oxygen cylinder suppliers in India and Bangladesh banned the supply of industrial oxygen on April 22 to meet their huge demand. When asked whether this would affect Bangladesh‘s supply, a Linde spokesperson said:” So far, we have not encountered any problems. Since Linde has an oxygen plant in India, it can be transferred between the two companies.

He said:

“Even if the Indian government stops doing this, ideally, an agreement should be reached between the governments.” Except for Linde, Bangladesh oxygen cylinder companies from other sources import oxygen from India-Mustaine Billah, general manager of Islam Oxygen Ltd. Said that they used to import 30 tons of oxygen every week from India every week, but it has now been reduced to 15 tons. Because of the increased demand there. He said Bangladesh’s demand for oxygen cylinder suppliers has soared that they stopped producing industrial oxygen 20 days ago. “We produce 28,000 cubic meters of oxygen every day. He said: “Now all production facilities are dedicated to oxygen medicine. “

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A spokesperson for Bangladesh‘s oxygen cylinder supplier Spectra, who declined to be named, said they produce 25 tons of medical oxygen per day. “The demand has now increased. So far, 60% of our machines have been used to meet the demand for medical oxygen. “Cylinder supplier in Bangladesh. He said: “We are now producing medical oxygen for 24 hours on all machines.” The country’s Covid-19 deaths and infections have soared, and hospitals are scrambling to get in touch with emerging hospital directors. From Hakka College. Brigadier General Nazmul Haq said that although demand has not yet faced an oxygen supply crisis, demand has skyrocketed. The oxygen cylinder supplier in bangladesh.

He said:

“The oxygen cylinder, this 20,000 cubic meter gas storage tank, was emptied in three days, and now it has been emptied within two days.” In addition to the main oxygen cylinder supplier in bangladesh, DMCH also has 700 bottles. . Asim Kumar Nat, director of the Mugda Medical College Hospital, told the Daily Star yesterday that oxygen demand has increased by 40% in the past month. He said, [Mugda Hospital]’s daily fuel meter added: Bangladesh’s oxygen cylinder supplier.The competent department of Green Life New Life Hospital Co., Ltd. They say they need 20% more oxygen than they currently need. Using a balloon, the patient can receive oxygen at a maximum flow rate of six liters per minute. Suppliers in Bangladesh can continue to supply more oxygen, depending on the supply of liquid oxygen.

According to the official information of the oxygen supply company, the daily oxygen demand of hospitals and other related industries is 180 tons. Linda Bangladesh and Spectra Oxygen Ltd produce and supply approximately 90 tons of oxygen per day. About 25 tons of oxygen cylinder supplier in bangladesh Linde and Spectra provide oxygen cylinders of liquid oxygen to government hospitals, while some private hospitals provide them with oxygen cylinders. In addition, some small local companies-Islam, Meghna and Abul Khair-also produce small amounts of oxygen. In addition to hospitals, there is also a demand for gas cylinders in retail.

For example,

If someone in the household is positive for Covid-19 and has breathing problems, how would people react to buying gas cylinders? DGHS (Hospitals and Clinics) Director Farid Hossein Mia said: “We have not had any problems, but if the number of patients continues to grow, we may have problems.” We have been negotiating with healthcare providers.Bangladesh steel oxygen cylinder supplier in bangladesh, we ask them to increase production, and urge the relevant authorities to give priority to medical oxygen. Supply industrial oxygen. He said: “If there is a shortage of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh in the future, it will definitely have an impact on steel production.”