Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Oxygen cylinder operated nursing service in BD

It is very important to understand that oxygen can be dangerous if not used correctly. Oxygen makes things burn more easily and can even explode.
Following these safety guidelines will help reduce potential risks. See the manufacturer’s website for more information about your equipment. Oxygen cylinder operated nursing service in Dhaka Bangladesh BD, Portable oxygen cylinder price in BD, Medical oxygen cylinder BD.

Oxygen cylinder

Those who have been assigned home oxygen cylinders can try our oxygen cylinders. These are lightweight and travel friendly. You will feel better sleep quality, less irritation, and more energy when you start/start Oxygen Home Therapy. As it is portable, you will not face any obstacle in carrying out normal activities. No restrictions can hold you back, be it for climbing or for medical treatment. We supply medical portable oxygen cylinder price in bd of all sizes in Bangladesh. They are balanc in combination, easy to refill.

For whom

  1. Patients prescribed by physicians
  2. Athletes for intense sports
  3. High altitude ascent
  4. Those who want to try a sample before buying an oxygen machine.
  5. Permanently ill patients

How to use the oxygen cylinder

You will receive an oxygen kit that has two lengths of tubing, a connector, and nasal cannulas.
You’ll use a nasal cannula to breathe the oxygen. The
the cannula is a narrow tube with soft prongs that are
placed in the nostrils.
Be sure to place the prongs in your nostrils with the curve facing down.

When to change your oxygen cylinder

Check your pressure gauge frequently to make sure you
Not running out of oxygen (see cylinder usage)
. Always check the gauge when the valve is turned on. At the bottom of the red section of the gauge when the needle is found, it is time to change the cylinder.
Be sure to change the cylinder before the needle goes below 200 psi.
Adequate supply is essential In case of emergency, your home will need cylinders.
Nursing Care service bd to order more cylinders when you receive supplies.