Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

The price of an oxygen cylinder in BD is currently taka 16,500 to taka 26,500.

The prevalence of corona virus in our Bangladesh is increasing with time. In line with this, the demand for oxygen cylinders is also increasing. As a result of this increase in demand, the price of oxygen cylinder is increasing in BD.

Companies that sell medical oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. We found out by talking to them. As a result of increasing demand, manufacturing companies are struggling to produce more. Therefore, it is not possible to supply oxygen cylinders in the market keeping pace with the demand. This is creating a deficit. As a result, the price of oxygen cylinder is increasing in BD.

What is the public opinion about the price of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh?

Public opinion about the price of oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh is 80 percent positive and 20 percent negative. Bangladesh is moving from a least developed country to a developing country. However, many are not in a position to go to the hospital for advanced care and receive oxygen. Because the price of hospital oxygen is much higher than the market. So this is the price of an oxygen cylinder at normal times. The demand time increases comparatively little. People have taken it as normal.

However, some people are a little dissatisfied with the price of medical oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. They often think in terms of humanity. If Manufacturer and sellers thought like them. Then maybe the price would have been a little lower.

We always set the price of oxygen cylinder for the market of BD thinking of humanity.Because medical oxygen cylinders are very important for a person suffering from shortness of breath or a person infected with corona virus. People can die at any time if they cannot breathe. Human life can never be traded.

So if there is any such patient anywhere in Bangladesh. Those who need oxygen cylinders. Then contact us. We sell medical oxygen cylinder at low price all over BD.

What is Medical Oxygen?

We all know that through the nose we receive oxygen from the environment around us. But medical oxygen is an advanced and high purity gas. This high pure oxygen is what everyone calls medical oxygen.

What is Oxygen Cylinder?

Oxygen cylinder are high pressure, non-reactive and seamless tempered steel containers. Which is used for medical therapeutic and diagnostic purposes to retain compressed medical oxygen gas.When a man cannot breathe.In this condition, the patient is supplemented with oxygen to maintain gas metabolism through this cylinder.We depend on the needs of the patient, We supply or sell different sized oxygen cylinder all over BD at very reasonable price.

Price list of oxygen cylinders of three companies in Bangladesh (BD)

  1. The current price of Linda Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh is only 27,000 taka.
  2. China oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh It price only 17,000 taka.
  3. The price of Islam Oxygen Cylinder is only 16000 taka in Bangladesh.