Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price BD is increasing in the present time. Price of Medical Oxygen Cylinder As a result of the increase, the suffering of coronary heart disease patients in Bangladesh has reached its peak. As a result, many patients in our country are dying of corona. However, the BD government seems to be aware that the supply is increasing compared to the demand for medical oxygen cylinders. However, due to some unscrupulous traders in our country, oxygen cylinders are being sold at higher prices. However, there are several individuals or organizations in Bangladesh who sell medical oxygen cylinders to patients at reasonable prices.However, the market for medical oxygen cylinders in BD is declining from time to time.

There are several notable reasons for this. One of these is to fill the cylinder with oxygen. We have a crisis to replenish oxygen cylinders in BD. Medical oxygen cylinders with oxygen are not readily available in such situations.Which is usually called refuel service.

Unprecedented growth in the coronavirus case has led to an increase in demand and price of medical oxygen cylinders in BD.The air we breathe is a mixture of several gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. The term ‘medical oxygen’ means high purity oxygen, which is used for treatment and develops for use in the human body.And the medical oxygen cylinder is a metal container. In which the liquid gas is kept.Oxygen cylinders are used for medical oxygen use in a usable and portable manner. Medical oxygen cylinders actually contain very pure oxygen gas. So the price of medical oxygen cylinder is a little higher in BD.

What is Medical Oxygen Cylinder?

A person needs a prescription to get a medical oxygen cylinder in BD. Without a prescription, you have to buy a medical oxygen cylinder from BD at a higher price. Therefore, it is very important to purchase medical oxygen cylinders and prescriptions considering your own financial aspects.To prevent contamination, medical oxygen No other type of gas is allowed in the cylinder.

How different is it from industrial oxygen to medical oxygen?

Oxygen is also used in combustion, oxidation, cutting and chemical reaction industries. The difference is that the purity level of industrial oxygen is not suitable for human consumption. It may not be clean, and people may get sick. Medical oxygen cylinders must also be free fromcontamination.The cylinder must be thoroughly cleaned before use. Medical oxygen is widely used in medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics for emergency resuscitation in emergency situations, during anesthesia, supporting the lives of patients who cannot breathe, and oxygen therapy. Oxygen inhalation at high altitude or during exercise. For this, the price of medical oxygen cylinder is a little higher in BD than that of industrial oxygen.

Why do we need medical oxygen cylinder?

Oxygen is the basic medicine used in patient care at all levels of the health system, including surgery, injury, heart failure, asthma, pneumonia, and maternal and child care. The COVID19 pandemic has increased the world’s oxygen demand and made oxygen supply more urgent than ever. In low- and middle-income countries alone, oxygen demand has risen to 1.1 million bottles. Early in the epidemic, the WHO’s first-stage approach was to increase the supply of oxygen to the most vulnerable countries by collecting and distributing oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters. The Bangladesh government also agrees with this idea. As a result, many patients in our country have recovered their lives by providing medical oxygen. At this time the price of medical oxygen cylinder in BD was among the public purchase losses.

In the past, some countries completely relied on oxygen cylinders provided by private suppliers, which were usually located abroad, which limited the continuity of supply.

  1. What should be the price of oxygen cylinder in BD?  The price of BD Medical China Oxygen Cylinder should be taka 12,500 and the price of Linda Oxygen Cylinder in BD should be taka 23,500.The owner of the Linda company told us that Oxygen Max, Oxygen Trolley, Adding an oxygen flow meter brings the price of a Medical Linda Oxygen to taka 23,500 in BD. And the price of China Oxygen cylinder is 12500 taka in BD. The reason for the low price of China Oxygen in our country is that their quality is relatively low.
  2. Who fixes the price of oxygen cylinder BD?3 companies have oxygen cylinders in BD.The prices of oxygen cylinders of these three companies are of three types in BD. Oxygen cylinders tend to be more expensive when there is demand. And when demand is low, prices come down. It depends on the market.