Oxygen Cylinder Home Support

Oxygen Cylinder Home Support

Oxygen Cylinder Home Support

Oxygen cylinders are one of the most requested and rare things in this country at the moment Oxygen Cylinder Home Support, We are providing home service bd and emergency medical oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka

Many patients, especially those suffering from respiratory diseases, now need to be given artificial oxygen for respiratory problems. Many people are now desperately looking for oxygen cylinders to save their dying loved ones. Taking the cylinder home or to the hospital.

Since this demand and use of oxygen cylinders can be assumed to be an inevitable part of our lives for many more days, there are some dangers of using,

storing, and transporting oxygen cylinders, and some precautions to avoid.

Precautions for the use of oxygen cylinders

Just as oxygen is life-giving, it can also be life-threatening. The main component of any fire is the oxygen in the air. In places where there is an oxygen cylinder or some other supply of oxygen, special care has to be taken to avoid fire accidents.

and can take a much more deadly shape in the event of an accident. Items that may not be combustible in a normal environment may participate in the combustion process in an oxygen-rich environment.

Incidents that are not sufficient to cause a fire in a normal environment,

in the presence of excess oxygen, small incidents (small sparks, smoking, extinguished cigarettes, friction on metal, presence of any heat, etc.

can trigger a catastrophic fire. In an oxygen-rich environment, the temperature of the flame is higher,

the rate of heat release from the fire (heat release rate) is higher and the fire spreads faster than normal. For these reasons, it is almost impossible to put out a fire in a place where there is excess oxygen.

There are many such instances of horrific fire accidents in places where there is a supply of

ICU or oxygen in hospitals in different parts of the world, including the recent accident in Bangladesh.

Features of Oxygen Cylinder:

Another feature of the oxygen cylinder is that it stores oxygen at very high pressures (100-150 times higher than the air pressure in our normal environment).

It can explode. It can bring terrible consequences. Therefore, it is important to be very careful in the use, storage, and transportation of oxygen cylinders and to follow certain rules.

Use and storage of oxygen cylinder

1. Place the cylinder firmly on the stand or cart during use.

2. Ensure that there is no heat source near the cylinder.

3. Where there is an oxygen cylinder, be careful not to make even the smallest spark (electric spark, cigarette spark, metal-friction spark, any kind of welding work, etc.4. Do not spray aerosols, paints, or the like while using oxygen.

5. There is a good ventilation system keeping oxygen cylinders in such a place because in that case, the concentration of oxygen in the air in a closed place increases the chances of creating an oxygen-rich environment.

6. Take care while transporting the oxygen cylinder so that it does not get hit or pushed in any way, or rolls, direct sunlight so that it does not fall on the cylinder for a long time, etc.

7. After all, there are specific rules for using the oxygen cylinder (opening / closing the valve, controlling the regulator knob, checking the position of the handle, etc. knowing them, being trained, and then using the cylinder.

8. Provide oxygen to the patient as advised by the physician. Oxygen Cylinder Home Support, We are providing home service bd and emergency medical oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka
The need for oxygen to save the lives of dying love ones in this heart disease situation is skyrocketing in the country at the moment.