Oxygen Cylinder for Home USE

Oxygen Cylinder for Home USE

Oxygen Cylinder for Home USE

Oxygen Cylinder for Home USE

The demand for these oxygen cylinders has increased significantly as a result of the increase in virus transmission. Oxygen assistance is also being provided for outpatient use at home. Additional oxygen cylinders are needed for treatment as well as home use. This creates the demand for extra oxygen cylinder ‘s. But due to this there is no shortage of oxygen cylinder ‘s in the market.

There are many reasons to use oxygen cylinder ‘s for home use. The causes have been found by researching more than 1 thousand people. Those who have used oxygen cylinder ‘s at home Or, purchase oxygen cylinder for home use.

  1. Some people think that if we use oxygen cylinder ‘s sitting at home. Then we don’t have to waste time and money going to the hospital unnecessarily. And we will benefit by doing so.
  2. Coronavirus is a contagious disease. The disease is spread by coughing and sneezing. So many people gathering area. Do not express willingness to receive oxygen cylinder services from such hospitals, clinics etc. They want to use oxygen cylinders at home. For this they look for oxygen cylinder for home use.
  3. The price of oxygen in hospitals is comparatively much higher. When you buy an oxygen cylinder for the first time, the maximum cost is Taka 12,000. After that it costs 2 to 3 hundred Taka to refill this oxygen cylinder. But if the hospitals use oxygen for 1 hour, the bill comes to around Tk 2,000. To increase the price, people usually buy oxygen cylinder for home use.
  4. There are some patients. Those who usually want to do everything like themselves. People with this type of policy buy oxygen cylinder for home use.
Oxygen Cylinders for Home USE

Oxygen Cylinders for Home USE

Here are 10 guidelines for using an oxygen cylinder at home.

The demand for medical oxygen for corona virus is increasing in our country. Coronavirus patients are the main problem. That is, basically a lung problem. People who have lung problems can’t breathe properly. For this they are provided with oxygen. And they are often hospitalized to provide oxygen. Again, many people take oxygen at home. Patients who receive oxygen at home.

10 directions for them today.

  1. First, if the patient needs oxygen. Buy oxygen for him. If he wants to take oxygen from home.
  2. Do not take oxygen unnecessarily. Excessive oxygen is harmful to health.
  3. Always keep a pulse oximeter at home. After 1 to 2 minutes with that you will see the state of oxygen. (If it is more than 93%, oxygen is not required. If it is less than that, give oxygen but measure it. If 93% can be kept with oxygen. Then keep it there. It should not be done 100% by force.)
  4. Put the nasal cannula with the cylinder to read the nose. With this maximum 6 liters can be given in 1 minute.
  5. Two more things are needed with the oxygen cylinder. 1, anticoagulant. 2,Lay the patient down properly while giving oxygen.
  6. Oxygen is a combustible substance. Which is used to light a fire. So do not light cigarettes in the patient’s room. Or do not spray any kind of chemical.
  7. Keep the oxygen cylinder away from direct sunlight.
  8. When not using oxygen, turn it off completely.
  9. Never oil the oxygen cylinder, do not hold it with oily or greasy hands.
  10. Do not use oxygen near the stove when cooking on a gas stove.

These rules are not enough for the use of oxygen cylinder ‘s at home. The problem is actually creating new rules. The main thing is to do what needs to be done to protect the oxygen cylinder.

Oxygen Cylinders for Home USE

Oxygen Cylinders for Home USE

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is the most common chemical element found on earth. It is one of the main constituents of wind and is essential for the survival of all plants and animals. Scientists express chemical elements with different symbols after discovery. Similarly, the symbol of oxygen is O. These oxygen cylinder are commonly use for home use. Oxygen is about one-fifth of the atmosphere. Nine-tenths of water (by weight) contains oxygen. It is not found directly in nature. Scientists separate oxygen from other gases in the air.

Properties of Oxygen,

  • Atomic number 8
  • Atomic mass 15.9994
  • Melting point 8218.4 C (61361.1 ° F)
  • Boiling point −183.0 C (7297.4 ° F)
  • Density (1 ATM, 0C) 1.429 g / liter
  • Oxidation conditions −1, −2, +2
  • Electron configuration 1s22s22p4

In the free state oxygen has nothing to do with color, smell or taste. It turns a pale blue liquid at temperatures below -297 ° F (-183 ° C) and solidifies at about 360 ° F (-218 ° C). Oxygen combines with many other elements to form compounds easily. The most common compound is water (H20), which consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This type of oxygen is used for home use. Which is usually kept in the cylinder.

One form of oxygen is weight (O3) which is a pale blue gas. It is explosive and toxic. It is found in the upper atmosphere. It plays a helpful role in protecting the Earth’s atmosphere. This prevents harmful rays from the sun from reaching the earth’s surface.

What is Oxygen Cylinder?

The oxygen cylinder is a metal bottle. Which is commonly used to hold liquid oxygen. This type of oxygen cylinder comes in three sizes. The first of the three sizes of oxygen cylinders is the large size oxygen cylinder. It is followed by a medium-sized oxygen cylinder followed by a small oxygen cylinder.

Many people use different types of oxygen to use oxygen cylinder for home. There are four companies producing oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. The first three are Linda Oxygen and China Oxygen ‍and Islam oxygen cylinder. Those who use oxygen cylinders at home Purchases for. They usually go after the thought. What kind of oxygen will buy. So I would like to inform you. We sell three types of oxygen cylinders. The price of Linda Oxygen is  comparatively a little higher. The price of China and Islam oxygen is comparatively equal. An oxygen cylinder has more accessories. E.g.

  1.  Oxygen flow meter.
  2. Oxygen trolley.
  3. Oxygen cylinder.
  4. Nozzle canola / mask.
  5. Capacity: 1.38 cubic meters
  6. 2000 liters of pressure oxygen.
  7. Usage time: 1500 minutes at minimum speed.
  8. Free home delivery. ( In capital City)

Always follow Dr. Parashar when use for oxygen cylinder at home.